Secondary School „Bishop Konstantin Preslavski“ – Burgas is located in the 30,000th residential complex „Slaveykov“ in the fourth largest Bulgarian city. It was established as a primary school in 1976, and it first name was „Dimitar Polyanov“. In 1987 it was transformed into a secondary school, and since 1991 it has been called „Konstantin Preslavski“.

      In 1983, the school entered its current building, built on an experimental project for its time. From the 2018/2019 school year, by a decision of the Council of Ministers, it has been declared an innovative school.
       In the school year 1991/1992, admission was opened after the seventh grade in the profiles „Natural Sciences and Mathematics“ and „Earth Sciences“, from the school year 1999/2000 a new profile „Informatics“ was opened with intensive study of English.
        In the school year 2023/2024, 950 students are studying at the Secondary School „Bishop Konstantin Preslavski“ – Burgas. At the initial stage, our students acquire knowledge in integrated subjects, covering the English language, Natural sciences and Arts. From 5th to 12th grade, the educational emphasis of the school is on the preparation of Bulgarian language and literature and Mathematics, as well as on the study of foreign languages ​​- English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and
Korean. In high school, our students study in specialized classes in the vocational education – in the specialties „Guide Services“, „E-Commerce“, „Advertising graphics“, „Computer animation“ and „Fashion design“.
        Extracurricular activities occupy a special place in school life. They are related to Civic education, Arts, Bulgarian traditions, developing Digital skills, creativity and creativity. In recent years, our students have won prizes at the national Olympiads in English and Russian, in Biology and Geography, competitions in Informatics and Information technology, exhibitions in Arts, competitions in Bulgarian language and literature and in Philosophy, competitions in football, basketball, volleyball and swimming.
       Our school participates in national and international projects. In 2013, we implemented a project for the reconstruction of the courtyard of the school under the program „I love nature – and I participate“ of the Ministry of Environment and Water. In 2015 and 2016 he was a partner of the Secondary school in Luleburgaz, Turkey under the cross-border project „Festival of Generations“, funded by European Union funds. In 2016, the school building was renovated, the thermal insulation of the roof was changed, as well as the school chair was completely renovated. Since 2017, an accessible environment for people with disabilities has been built under a project of the „Beautiful Bulgaria“ Program – a ramp, an equipped bathroom, lifting platforms between the floors of the building.
      Since 1996 the school has hosted the student philosophical conference „Man. World“, organized by the Regional Department of Education – Burgas. Since 2013 the conference has been national, and since 2015 it has been included in the National Calendar for Extracurricular Activities of the Ministry of Education and Science.
         Secondary School „Bishop Konstantin Preslavski“ – Burgas has a rich material base, which includes specialized offices in foreign languages, natural sciences, information technology. In 2019, the Center for Innovation and Arts was opened, named after the longtime teacher of woodcarving at the school Iliya Shurelov. The school has a rich sports base – two sport halls, gym, choreography hall, swimming pool, two grass football fields. The school is provided with round-the-clock security, a video surveillance system and wireless Internet.
       The school participates in the National Programs „School Fruit“ and „School Milk“ of the Ministry of Agriculture, promoting a healthy diet. They provide fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products for our youngest students.

        Secondary School „Bishop Konstantin Preslavski“ – Burgas: „

Cross-border project BG – TR


       Secondary school „Bishop Konstantin  Preslavski“ – Burgas participates in the 2014 – 2015 year in the project „Festival of Generations“ IPA Cross – Border Program Bulgaria – Turkey (CCI NUMBER: 2007CB16IPO008 – 2013 – 3-040) in the third call for proposals as a partner in the implementation of the Association „AGORA Platform – Burgas branch“ and in Luleburgaz High School, District Kırklareli, Turkey. Project activities are under contract № RD-02-29-305 / 10.10.2014, the duration of 12 months (October 2014 – October 2015).

      SL704550The project aim is to create a common way for communication on base accumulated social and cultural experiences of representatives of different generations to achieve a social development and networking for social cohesion in the border region Burgas – Luleburgaz.

      The project will develop a methodology for the study deficits in communication between generations through talks, discussions and interviews between representatives of different generations. Students from Burgas and Luleburgaz will be able to find and systematize their family history or history of famous local families and to draw family trees. Will be formed Youth groups „Generation Z“ in Bulgarian and Turkish school to develop a series of activities grouped in artistic workshops, where they will create art related to music, dance and theater. The project will be presented with Photographic exhibition „Generations“, which will include iconic images of the work process in Bulgaria and Turkey. The Festival will be held between generations and the International Conference in Burgas and Luleburgaz.

       Implementation of activities will expand cross-border contacts and enhance cultural and educational cooperation in the border region Burgas – Luleburgaz.

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